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Detect diseases and technical problems and manage yield prediction of hydroponic lettuce

Our drone makes it possible since GreenTech Amsterdam 2023! With Corvus Lettuce, you monitor the gutter alignment and the growth of your lettuce on a daily basis. With this data you'll be ahead of irrigation problems and benefit from better crop planning.

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GreenTech Offer

At GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, professionals from around the world share the latest horticultural solutions. Our drone got even smarter as well! To celebrate, we are now offering our latest launches at a discount via a special GreenTech offer!

With our GreenTech offers you can see all your plants at a glance via our new web application. Or you can monitor your roses, high wire plants or hydroponic lettuce.  Our drone can also report germination, growth and flower readiness to you in no time. Order your application within 2 weeks after the exhibition to benefit from the discount.

This is how you monitor your hydroponic lettuce

Gutter alignment

Seventy-five per cent of lettuce growing on water takes place on a gutter system. These gutters can get out of their chain path, causing them to skew. The dripper then drips next to the gutter. This causes the plants to be deprived of water. To avoid this kind of situation, manual checks are usually made every day to ensure that the hydroponic gutters are still properly aligned. This not only costs money, but is also relatively dangerous. With our Corvus Lettuce application, growers are notified when a greenhouse section needs to be checked. This ultimately saves hundreds of hours of manual inspection per hectare per year.

Pests and diseases

Manual inspection of pests and diseases is difficult because of the wide bays. That doesn't bother our drone. The first diseases and pests that the drone detects are caterpillars, certain aphids with black wings and leaf discolourations, such as mildew, botrytis or physiological abnormalities like leaf margins.

Lettuce AI process - bovenaanzicht - vierkant
Lettuce AI process - selectie - vierkant

Yield prediction

Our drone also estimates lettuce size and weight. This allows crop planning to be tailored to the customer and deliver exactly to retail specifications.


From the office, you control the drone by giving it a flight route and tasks in the web application. Those routes can also be scheduled so that the drone flies a round at 7am every day, for example. Within half an hour after the flight, the grower receives the report in his mailbox or it is visible in the web application.

Gutter Misalignment - website

Gutter alignment

Pest and Diseases - website

Pests and diseases

Yield prediction Map - website

Yield prediction