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Have you sown enough usable plants?

It can be challenging to know exactly how many seeds are needed and whether they will all germinate as planned. Perhaps you recognize this: the worry about wasting precious seeds by sowing too much, just to make sure you have enough plants. This can lead to unnecessary costs and space shortages in the nursery.


Six to eight days after sowing, our drone flies over the seed trays. The result: a report with the germination rate and a determination of the number of usable plants per tray or batch. This allows you to respond to the quality of the seedlings as early as possible and save greenhouse space!



Each greenhouse section, variety, or batch is assigned a unique QR code recognized by our drone. It autonomously flies over your crops, capturing valuable data. Within just one hour, you receive a detailed report presenting the flower readiness stage for each section.

Standardize your flower detection program and develop your own comprehensive database of crop records. This predictable growth process not only yields a remarkable net return of 10% but also leads to highly satisfied customers.

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Bud and Flower Stage Monitoring

Our drone conducts daily sampling flights, closely monitoring the development of buds and flowers. With near real-time reporting, you stay informed about the readiness stage of your flowers, allowing for precise planning and decision-making.


Time-saving Remote Control

By leveraging our automated drone service, you save valuable time and resources. No manual inspections are needed, and you can conveniently monitor and manage your crops remotely, ensuring efficient operations.

Better Labor Planning

Accurate flower readiness monitoring enables optimized labor allocation, ensuring that resources are efficiently utilized based on the specific needs of each crop section. This streamlines operations and reduces unnecessary labor costs.


Production and Direct Sales Alignment

With the ability to match the right readiness stage to individual customer demands, you enhance customer satisfaction while minimizing the risk of overstocking or shortages. This alignment leads to increased margins and reduces the potential for claims or recalls.

Experience the Benefits of Corvus Flower Readiness today. Contact us to discover how our advanced drone technology can help you meet customer expectations, optimize your production, and maximize profitability.

AI-processing & Reporting

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