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Drones are the new human eyes in greenhouses, but faster and more accurate. From seed germination to leaf surface development and from flowering stage to the diameter of your pot plant.

How it works? Easy!

  1. Subscribe
  2. Inform
  3. Configure
  4. Apply

Our drone takes off with one click on your phone. It analyzes your greenhouse plants in 20 minutes and you receive a report in your mailbox within 1 hour. Thanks to these insights, you can respond to the quality of the crops at all stages.

No hassle and anyone can do it. This saves time, reduces cultivation risk and results in more efficient (space) planning.

1. Subscribe

Choose your subscribtion

There is a suitable subscription for every crop and every greenhouse. With your application you simply indicate for which crop you want to use the drone, what the surface area of ​​your greenhouse is and of course what solution you need.

The subscription gives you the user rights. We take care of all maintenance. The standard subscription period is 1 year and the fee is billed periodically in advance.

Click on your subscription of choice, fill in your details and we will contact you.

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2. Inform

Get to know our specialists

In an online instruction, our specialists guide you in putting the drone into use. From unpacking to receiving your reports.

Take the drone out of the box

After confirming your subscription, the drone will be sent to you in a safe box. This box is also the storage space of the drone.

3. Configure

Prepare your greenhouse

To make the drone fly automatically, the drone uses camera navigation. Visual markers in the greenhouse link the position of the drone to the location of the greenhouse.

On the greenhouse plan we show you where the visual markers should be placed in your greenhouse. The existing roof and pole numbering is used as a starting point.

Define the drone task

The drone has various applications to monitor your crops. We call these applications tasks. Give the drone the desired task or a combination of several tasks.

Make the flight route

In the flight route you instruct the drone where to fly. For example from bay 1 to 40 or from 43 to 60. Save the route and use it again. Or create a special route for a special crop.

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4. Apply

Put the drone in the greenhouse

Place the drone on the drone platform and you are ready to take off! Press the 'start button' on your phone and the drone will automatically take off, collect the data and return to the starting point where it automatically recharges. Via your local WIFI, the drone transfers the images to the Corvus Cloud and the report will be in your mailbox in no time.

Receive the information

The standard is a file with all monitored crop information. API links to breeding or ERP systems are available.

Feedback and support

We appreciate feedback and you can always contact us for support.

Try another application

There are many applications are possible. From seed germination to leaf surface development and from flower detection to plant diameter. Is your application combination not yet among the standard tasks? Contact us!