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Request a Drone Demonstration for Your Greenhouse

Drone demonstrations for growers

At Corvus Drones, we love to give drone demonstrations to our growers! We believe that the best way to showcase the potential of our autonomous drone is by providing on-site demonstrations at your greenhouse.


Cultivate '23

July 15-18 2023

Cultivate '23

Discover endless growth opportunities and innovation at Cultivate 2023! At the Corvus Drones booth, you experience our advanced drone solutions for autonomous greenhouse operations. Maximise efficiency, streamline inventory management and transform your greenhouse productivity at Cultivate 2023. Join us for a revolutionary experience!

Seed meets Technology

September 26-28 2023

Seed meets Technology

Discover the power of innovative seed technology and crop monitoring at Seed meets Technology. We showcase our automated crop monitoring drone, suitable for various crops. Experience how our technology contributes to seed treatment, phenotyping, sustainable crop protection, and more. Visit our booth and explore the future of the seed industry.