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Drone demonstrations for growers

At Corvus Drones, we love to give drone demonstrations to our growers! We believe that the best way to showcase the potential of our autonomous drone is by providing on-site demonstrations at your greenhouse. This demo allows you to see the value that our drone can bring to your greenhouse and crops. To ensure a successful demo, we work closely with you to assess the feasibility of flying our drone in your greenhouse. 


We understand that every greenhouse is unique, which is why we treat each space different. Preparing for a drone demonstration is as easy as having a conversation about your needs and sharing a floor plan of your greenhouse. Our team will discuss the minimum space required for a successful drone flight and any potential obstacles in the drone's path. Using the greenhouse map, we can pre-configure our drone's route and ensure smooth navigation during the demonstration. Plus, we'll focus on your specific use case to make sure you get the most out of your demonstration.

Requesting a drone demonstration is easy. Simply click this button and fill out the form to get started. We look forward to helping you optimize your greenhouse operations with Corvus Drones!

We take care of all the necessary on-site preparations. Our team brings specialized markers that enable autonomous flight and temporarily install them on the poles of a small section of the greenhouse using magnetic tape. This process takes about half an hour, after which we perform test flights to determine whether the installation process has been done correctly.

We also assess the quality of the images captured during these flights and make any necessary adjustments to the drone configuration, depending on the desired application. Once we're satisfied with the results, the demo can start!


The drone demonstration

Experience our drone in action during the demo! One of our engineers will guide you through the essential properties of the drone before setting it up in front of the installed markers. We'll show you how to use the web-application that comes with the drone to send a job to the drone, which will take off upon receipt. During the flight, the drone captures high-quality images that are immediately uploaded to the web application for your review. We'll review the usability of the images with you nearly in real-time, making it easy for you to understand how our drone can benefit your greenhouse.

Expanded data collection

At times, our drone demo may include an extended data collection. During this phase, our Corvus engineer will fly the drone over additional areas in the greenhouse. These images will serve as the foundation for the development of new and innovative applications. By gathering this data, we can tailor our services to better meet your specific needs and ensure the most accurate results possible.

Wrapping up

Once the demonstration is completed successfully, Corvus collaborates with a suitable AI partner to create algorithms that can process the images according to the grower's needs. We also gather additional data if required to develop a valuable new application for the grower. This way, we ensure that the grower gets the most out of our drone technology!

Are you ready to see our drone in action and discover how it can revolutionize your greenhouse operations? Don't wait any longer, request a demonstration today! Our team is ready to work with you to determine the feasibility of flying the drone in your greenhouse and tailor the demo to your specific needs. Contact us now to schedule your personalized drone demonstration.