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Measure the growth of your crop


How can I map the growth proces of my crop as efficiently as possible?

We understand how important it is for your crops to grow optimally. With our drone, you get immediate insight into the condition of your crops. The drone regularly flies over the crop to measure the leaf area, making the growth curve visible. Act in time and reduce cultivation risk!


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How can you see the growth?

With the drone, you easily gain insights into the health and growth of your crops, allowing you to make smart choices and reduce the risk of failed harvests. See the example here.

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GreenTech Offer

At GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, professionals from around the world share the latest horticultural solutions. Our drone got even smarter as well! To celebrate, we are now offering our latest launches at a discount via a special GreenTech offer!

With our GreenTech offers you can see all your plants at a glance via our new web application. Or you can monitor your roses, high wire plants or hydroponic lettuce.  Our drone can also report germination, growth and flower readiness to you in no time. Order your application within 2 weeks after the exhibition to benefit from the discount.


Our fully automated drone flies over your crops and recognizes each greenhouse section, variety, or batch using specific QR codes. The drone captures detailed images of your crops, which are then sent to the Corvus Cloud. There, they are converted into comprehensive reports.

Standardize your growth monitoring with our drone and build your own extensive crop registration database. The predictable growth process and reduced cultivation risks not only result in impressive yields but also deliver a net return of up to 10%!

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Regular Growth Monitoring

Our drone performs weekly flights over your crops to measure leaf area development. This allows you to closely track the growth curve and identify any deviations early on, enabling you to take appropriate measures in a timely manner.


Near Real-time Reporting

Within a short time, you will receive a report with detailed information about the growth of your crops. This empowers you to make informed decisions based on factual data and optimize your cultivation practices.


Improved Crop Planning

Thanks to regular growth monitoring, you can align your customers needs precisely with the needs of your crops. This not only optimizes yields but also minimizes waste and increases the efficiency of your cultivation practices.

Efficient Labor Planning

By gaining insights into the growth development of your crops, you can manage your labor planning more effectively and optimize the deployment of personnel. This leads to cost savings and a more efficient operation.


Time-saving Remote Control

With Corvus Growth, you can remotely monitor the growth of your crops, saving valuable time. You have access to key information about your crops anytime, anywhere, allowing you to respond quickly and make the right decisions.


Contact us today to use Corvus Growth and experience the benefits of automatic growth measurement!