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How do I check my irrigation system or cultivation gutters remotely?

We understand how important it is to be able to remotely monitor your irrigation system and cultivation gutters without wasting precious time or taking risks with dangerous walks over the gutters. That's why we offer an innovative solution that not only saves time but also increases safety. The drone effortlessly flies among the crops and fully maps your irrigation system and cultivation gutters.


Let's work together to ensure that your crops thrive optimally, hassle-free and with maximum efficiency.



How does the drone make this easier?

For every problem, you will receive an email or a text message so that you can intervene as quickly as possible. It couldn't be easier!

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GreenTech Offer

At GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, professionals from around the world share the latest horticultural solutions. Our drone got even smarter as well! To celebrate, we are now offering our latest launches at a discount via a special GreenTech offer!

With our GreenTech offers you can see all your plants at a glance via our new web application. Or you can monitor your roses, high wire plants or hydroponic lettuce.  Our drone can also report germination, growth and flower readiness to you in no time. Order your application within 2 weeks after the exhibition to benefit from the discount.

This is how you inspect your crops remotely

Efficient crop monitoring

Our drone flies over the main path of your greenhouse daily and accurately detects the water buckets. This allows the grower to check the water bucket level and get a good overview of the crop status. With this data, you can keep an optimal eye on the crops remotely and handle your weekend planning efficiently while others enjoy their free time.


Near Realtime Reporting

We understand how important it is to have instant access to vital information. That is why you will receive detailed reports by e-mail of the water bucket checks performed at the main pad. These reports provide an overview of the greenhouse location, allowing you to react quickly and identify any discrepancies.


Time-saving Remote Crop Control

With our innovative drone service, you no longer have to spend valuable time on manual crop inspections. You can monitor and manage your crops remotely, saving valuable time for other important tasks.


Maximum Productivity

Crop overview from the main aisle and detailed images give you a clear picture of crop status. This enables you to carry out remote monitoring, even on weekends, so you can optimise crop productivity.


Contact us today to benefit from efficient remote crop monitoring and improve the productivity of your greenhouse.